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Toronto-based consulting company with a focus on Data Analytics, Business Process Optimization, IT Troubleshooting, and Security.

Our Specialization

Toronto-based consulting company with a focus on Data Analytics, Business Process Optimization, IT Troubleshooting, and Security. Todigital Technologies is a company that presents traditional information technology services with a strong focus on the business process optimization and data analytics consulting services. Our focus is to provide fast and easy digital solutions to our clients to address, manage, or resolve a variety of information technology issues. Through a data analytics driven approach our clients can focus on what matters most.

We stand out in the industry because we demonstrate understanding of business needs and technical capabilities through effective one on one consulting service delivery, which is driven by the motivation to exceed customer satisfaction.


CRM Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud service that enables organizations with end-to-end business management in one system. We help business to get the most value of their CRM product.
We help with deployment of CRM solution and configurations delivering customized solutions for every department or team in your company.


Data & Analytics

Power BI and Tableu transform your company’s data into rich visuals so you can focus on what matters to you. We will help you identify key enterprise dimensions of your data and present them in the most efficient form.


IT Services

Next stop is Online Computer Support! Our focus of IT Troubleshooting, Security and Support Services is on providing fast computer services remotely that help our clients address, manage, or resolve a variety of IT issues.


Todigital Technologies focus on customers and cloud technologies!. Our clients value Todigital Technologies services because of:

  • A proven record of well delivered projects and Services delivery excellence;
  • Flexibility with scope of the project, proud with delivered results;
  • Enterprise-based view on implementations;
  • Recommendations and best practices in the selected technology;
  • Certified Professional Team;
  • Hands on approach to knowledge transfer;
  • Trusted 10-years of experience.

Additional IT SERVICES

Office 365 Migration

Migrate your email workloads to Office365 with ease. Todigital Technologies will guide your migration process from start to end. Our company specializes in both small and large mailbox migration projects. The power of the cloud enables your organization to reduce the total cost of ownership of both har… More

Virus Removal

An average computer malware strand isn’t noticeable, however degrades the overall operation and responsiveness of your computer. Let our staff perform a comprehensive scan for all malware types that might be present on your computer. You will also gain a trustworthy explanation about the results after the scan completion… More

Infrastructure Guidance

Todigital specialist will guide you through your all of your home internet enabled devices, and advise you based on integration methods for this type technology. We will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchase steps to enhance your office or home network configuration… More

Computer Support

Let Todigital staff walk you through the latest technology trend movers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Sending an email to your relatives with a large photo attachment is a breeze thanks to our easy to follow steps in a an easy and upbeat manner. ToDigital staff will also configure all peripherals needed to enhance your online presence… More

Linux Server Administration

Server administration on both Linux and Windows server operating systems delivered right, on time and budget from Todigital Technologies. Let us help your business overcome challenges such as initial server setup and ongoing configuration, security and performance tuning… More

Data Backup and Recovery

Setup a routine task to archive your files and folders. Todigital team will show you how fast and easy it is to set the whole thing up. We will even optimize this routine procedure throughout scheduling based upon your needs and importance of files that change frequently. By selecting this service you will develop a proactive approach on how to secure… More

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