Todigital Support is provided ONLINE using an existing Internet connection;

  • Expert Team connects to your computer remotely;
  • You control our actions and can terminate them at any time;
  • You learn through hands on approach or let us do it for you;
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Todigital is a Fast, Quick, Easy reliable service or your money back!

Dedicated Online Support

Do you know that about 80% computer services can be done online?
It opens up the whole new opportunity and gives more benefits to those who require instant IT help and support. There is no longer a requirement to move your computer to the nearest computer repair facility or to invite strange people to your house. ToDigital helps your computer come alive again where you retain the ultimate control over all of our support sessions. All you need to enroll in our services is just a stable Internet connection. Your request will be automatically entered into our help-desk system and the resolution progress can be tracked in real-time through a secure customer portal.

Unique and Practical Training Approach

Most people are not aware about actions which computer experts performed on their computers and which program options resolved the existing problem. As a result if settings are changed again and the problem manifested once more you have no idea how to resolve it. That prompts you to ask for the computer help and pay for additional support services. At ToDigital, our team is proud to present the new level of computer support: helping our customers through proactive and hands-on computer training. Online form of service delivery allows us to instantly fix the computer problem while teaching you how to avoid the root cause at the same time. All of our actions are under your control and by paying for our support services you gain valuable benefits.

Personalized Customer Portal

ToDigital team presents the easiest way to submit your support requests. Our integrated help-desk system allows our clients to create the request in several clicks. There is no need to register, just fill out the simple form and you will be automatically emailed a personal tracking number with a password to your personal portal. Unbelievable simplicity reduces pressure, making technology less intimidating. Our ticket system gives you the choice on how to interact with ToDigital support staff. You can either choose an email submission or a dedicated customer portal. Both can be interchanged or used simultaneously giving you the ultimate control and freedom of choice. You don’t need to wait for a callback or wait in queue as the ticket creation and acknowledgement is instantaneous.

Full Control of Your Computer

Retain control of your computer by actively participating at the same time. Todigital support staff will remotely connect to your workstation wherever you are ready. The session will start in view-only mode. The technician will then request full-control with your permission to begin the troubleshooting session. All of the actions performed by Todigital staff are clearly visible. By placing our clients as active participants next to the knowledgeable technician, they remain confident that their personal data is safe and secure. Todigital utilizes standard SSL encryption to safeguard against hackers and other eavesdroppers, and thus the temporary link to your computer is always protected.